1. Evaluate
Reflect on this year Make a list of supplies you need to buy Check off list from End of the Year Procedures; many of these can be done now or in reverse
Turn order into front office before leaving (funding will vary)
Create magazine order; Turn into front office (funding will vary)

2. Predict

Populate Outlook calendar with training dates
Populate calendar with school function dates
Populate calendar with library programming
Create library schedule
Plan year by grade level
3. Prepare

Welcome back letter

Overdue letter

Library Book Permission letter

Student barcodes
Birthday Book Club

Get your books in order

4. Investigate

Organize or start a volunteer program
Find a support group
Read a blog
Join a listserv
Visit another school
Join a committee at school
Plan a literacy event

5. Orientate
Photo Story
Scavenger Hunt

6. Delineate
Write and post rules
List procedures
Learn about policies

7. Decorate
Take down all displays
Plan next year’s theme and/or displays
Create folders for next year- To Do, In Progress, Projects
See End of the Year Procedure checklist for other items

8. Read
Summer Reading
Read for Read Alouds
Library Sparks, Mailbox Bookbag
District Policies
School Policies

9. Experiment
Photo Story
Windows Movie Maker
Microsoft Word
Book on tape

10. Relax
Go to Glen Ivy
Watch a movie
Take a walk
Learn a new sport
Learn a new hobby
See deborahford.blogspot.com for other ideas